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This is Rambling Lawyer's About Page. At Rambling Lawyer, we believe that knowledge is power, and travel is the best way to expand your horizons.  Our mission is to provide you with valuable legal insights and inspire you to explore the world.  Learn more about my journey and how Rambling Lawyer came to be on our About page.  

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My Story

As a seasoned family lawyer with over 25 years of experience, I have a passion for travel. There's nothing that makes me happier than exploring new places or revisiting old favorites. I'm the parent of teens and adult children both biological and internationally adopted. Whether I'm traveling solo, with my husband, my family, or with friends, I'm always packed and ready for the next adventure. Along the way, I have learned that there are so many wonderful things to see, problems you wish to avoid, and things that happen along the way with your family that can destroy you.  I have combined family with travel and law perspective to offer you engaging, informative, and practical tips to help you in your journey.  

I ramble around the world, and I hope that my rambles make your life and travels easier, better, and safer.


You can reach me at 228-342-8222 or




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